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Here are four tips that will help you lower your CdA with Notio Konect and be more efficient especially for the upcoming IRONMAN World Championships.

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Category: #Geek Published on : 2018-08-31 |

By Marc Graveline, a.k.a “Data Cruncher”, Co-founder, Notio Technologies

CdA is an abbreviation for the coefficient of aerodynamic drag. It’s a dimensionless number (no units), which is the result of a body’s drag size, shape and surface texture. The above cyclist going 36 km/h with 200 watts on a flat course has a CdA of .28. By improving that CdA by 10 % and dropping it to .252 on that same 200 watts, the cyclist will go 37.5 km/h. With a world class CdA of .205, he will go 40 km/h on that same 200 watts.

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Category: #Geek Published on : 2018-06-16 |

Some aero testing with Notio Konect. JJ PRO Cycling Centre is one of several coaches trained on the product and reselling throughout the world. JJ tested Daniel Amby, head cycling coach at Thanyapura Sport Resort.

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Category: #Testimonials , #Geek Published on : 2018-04-07 |

By Marc Graveline, a.k.a “Data Cruncher”, Co-founder, Notio Technologies

My name is Marc Graveline. I’m a 54-year-old out-of-shape triathlete who has done all right in his age group in the past. As the Innovation lead for Notio Konect, I get to geek around quite a lot, and following one of the weekly TT series in Ottawa, I’ve decided to write about some of our findings. I’m hoping to demonstrate in a better way how our product will help others achieve their goals, be it completing a GranFondo, getting on a podium at Kona or simply improving their personal health.

In this article, I’ll be focusing on aerodynamic efficiency, which is best measured using the coefficient of aerodynamic drag (CDA). Several metrics will be addressed, but don’t be intimidated by all this “techy lingo”; many of the charts have been produced using our “power-user” version rather than the “simplified” app version of the product. I’ll do my best to vulgarize the technical aspects going forward.

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Category: #Geek Published on : 2017-06-17 |
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