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Are Garmin devices the only ones that can display live data?

Garmin devices that are compatible with Garmin IQ are the only ones that can display CdA values in real time. Garmin was selected among others because this company offers the widest selection of GPS cyclometers on the market.

Which Garmin devices are compatible with Garmin IQ?

The following list is non-exhaustive. 

  • Garmin Edge 130
  • Garmin Edge 520
  • Garmin Edge 820
  • Garmin Edge 1000
  • Garmin Edge 1030
  • Forerunner 920XT

What data is displayed live on my Garmin?

The Notio Konect app on Garmin IQ displays 3 data fields:

1. Real-time CdA (with 3 decimals after the comma 0.000);

2. The wind speed in relation to travel speed;

3. The Notio Konect status, i.e. the sensors that are connected directly to the Notio Konect and the recording status.

What data is displayed on my iOS device?

The iOS device is used to configure and transfer Notio Konect data using the Notio Konect application. It does not display the CdA in real time nor does it allow data analysis; this must be done through Golden Cheetah Notio Konect. The Notio Konect app allows you to:

  • Create a Notio Konect Cloud account;
  • View the recording status of the Notio Konect and percentage of the battery charge; Configure Notio Konect and synchronize ANT+ sensors;
  • View real-time values of the Notio Konect sensors and synchronized ANT+ sensors;
  • Access the memory of the Notio Konect to transfer data;
  • Align the calibration (Misalignment Calibration) during installation on the bike; Update the Notio Konect Firmware.

How to configure my Notio Konect?

Notio Konect must be configured using an iOS device with the Notio Konect application. The iOS device communicates with the Notio Konect using Bluetooth while the Notio Konect communicates with the sensors (power, speed and other compatible sensors) using ANT+.

The Notio Konect being ""ANT+ and Bluetooth"", does this mean that I can use devices with either of these two technologies?

The iOS device communicates with the Notio Konect using Bluetooth and the Notio Konect communicates with the sensors (power, speed and other compatible sensors) using ANT+. For the moment, ANT+ sensors are absolutely necessary because Bluetooth is used only to communicate between the iOS device and Notio Konect for the configuration.

Can I use Notio Konect without Garmin?

Yes, Notio Konect can be used without a Garmin device. The recording can then be controlled from an iOS device through the Notio Konect app or directly from the Notio Konect device using the button.However, the user will not be able to get a CdA in real time because this data can only be displayed with the application installed on Garmin IQ compatible devices.

Starting Up

What are the first steps to do in order to pair my iOS device with Notio Konect?

First, install the Notio Konect app through TestFlight. TestFlight allows you to test large-scale applications before they are released on the App Store. An email will be sent from TestFlight inviting you to install the Notio Konect application. You cannot install the Notio Konect app without first receiving this email from TestFlight.Secondly, connect to your Notio Konect Cloud account or create an account through the Notio Konect application.Third, turn on the Notio Konect device. Then, in the application press + Add device... and choose your Notio Konect.

What are the steps needed to pair my Garmin with Notio?

First, install on the Garmin device the Notio Konect application available on Garmin IQ.Second, display the Aerofields data field on the Garmin. Aerofields is generated by the Garmin IQ Notio Konect app. To display it, you must select it on data screens display options.Third, go to the data screen where Aerofields is displayed. A 5-digit ID appears under Searching Aerostick...Fourth, go to the configuration menu of the Notio Konect that was previously turned on and enter this 5-digit ID. Do not forget to press Apply.

What are the steps needed to add data fields to my Garmin?

Settings;Activity Profiles (select the desired activity profile);Data screens (choose the screen where you want to display the Aerofields then enable it);Layout Preview (set number to 1 field):Select Field 1;Select Connect IQ;Select Aerofields-controls.No CdA will display on the Garmin unless it is paired with a Notio Konect device.Make sure that the power sensor is enabled for Aerofields to appear on the Garmin device.


Does the Notio need to be perfectly horizontal?

The Notio should be placed horizontally, but this can be done with a naked eye. It is not necessary to use a spirit level.The difference in alignment will be compensated after performing the Misalignment Calibration.

What is the best way to install the Notio device?

Notio Konect is compatible with brackets that have a GoPro-style interface and it comes with 2 brackets: one for road bike handlebars and one for the time trial/triathlon bars.The mount for the road bike must be centered; the wheel can be used as a guide.The mount for the time trial bars must be positioned as far forward as possible on the bar.In both cases, the Pitot tube must be positioned horizontally and aligned with the travel axis.

Are there any places on the bike to be avoided?

There really is no location to proscribe. However, readings will be more accurate with a Notio Konect that is well positioned.For a triathlon or time trial bike, place the Notio as far forward as possible on the time trial/triathlon bars.For a road bike, make sure the Notio is centered and well aligned with the wheel and stem.


How to enter the Coefficient 1 in the system?

Once the Notio Konect is turned on, go to the Config menu of the Notio Konect iOS app; Coefficient 1 is at the beginning of the list. In Golden Cheetah Notio Konect, enter in the Notio CDA Analysis chart the figure determined in Factor through the calibration procedure.

What is the Coefficient 2?

This value is used in wind tunnel tests. Do not change its default value of -0.05.

How to determine the size of a wheel?

There are many reference tables from cyclometer manufacturers, including Garmin and Cateye, to assess the circumference of tires based on their dimension.As a rule, for a 23 mm wide tire the circumference will be 2096 mm; for a tire 25 mm wide it will be 2105 mm.

Are settings entered in the iOS app transmitted to the Garmin device?

The parameters entered in the Config menu are transmitted to the Garmin. It's important to have the right settings in the configuration to get a good real-time CdA value on your Garmin. 

What is the Coefficient 1?

Coefficient 1 is used as a calibration factor in the calculation of the CdA in relation to the wind impact on the cyclist. The way in which the wind comes in contact with each cyclist is different and will vary namely according to the cyclist (size, weight) and the position of the Notio on the bike (position on the bar/handlebar, height relative to the wheel).Once the Coefficient 1 is found, no need to modify it unless the Notio or the cockpit changes position.In the case of an erroneous Coefficient 1 when recording with the Notio, the right CdA values will be determined in Golden Cheetah Notio Konect with the analysis tools. If Coefficient 1 is incorrect, the values displayed in real time on the Garmin device will also be incorrect.

First use - What is the procedure for finding the Coefficient 1?

In order to determine the Coefficient 1 or to evaluate the CdA according to a more detailed option (e.g., a new position on the bike or new piece of equipment), the following protocol is recommended:

  • Choose a safe place and prioritize security;
  • Make at least one round trip of 10 minutes, approximately 5 min go and 5 min return;
  • Keep the same position on the way back and forth;
  • The ideal terrain is a slight semi-flat. Try to avoid steep inclines. When the activity is imported into Golden Cheetah Notio Konect, the round trip is analyzed in the Notio CDA Analysis chart. The goal is to balance the amount of wind on the go compared to the return, while taking into account the travel speed. The figure obtained in Factor corresponds to Coefficient 1.A simple way to ensure the good Coefficient 1 is to do the protocol described above once at each use of the Notio. If Coefficient 1 remains substantially the same each time, confidence in this value will be high. If it turns out different at each analysis, it may be worthwhile to do more than one round trip so to increase confidence.

Is it necessary to calibrate the device with each use?

It is necessary to calibrate the unit when the position of the cockpit changes or the position of the mount of the Notio gets relocated on the handlebars. If there is no change, calibration is not required at each use in order to find the Coefficient 1.Note that whenever a position or equipment is tested, it is recommended to do at least one round trip. This can also be done to check the calibration.Do not confuse calibration done to obtain Coefficient 1 with Misalignment Calibration. The latter is used to compensate the horizontal and vertical alignment of the Notio device on the bike with respect to the internal sensors.

Why is it better to use a speed sensor instead of a GPS?

The main reason for using a speed sensor, rather than GPS speed, is that there is a slight lag between speed acquisition through a GPS and power recording with the power sensor. This lag is significant enough to distort CdA values.In addition, the accuracy of the speed may vary depending on the GPS device, the chosen mode and the obstacles. This variation will also distort CdA values.

How to know that a calibration is required?

Usually, calibration for the Coefficient 1 is only necessary if the position of the cockpit changes or if the Notio’s mount changes places on the handlebar.When comparing different activities the Coefficient 1 should remain substantially the same. If it differs with each analysis, it could be interesting to do more than one round trip in order to get a reliable and repeatable value.Misalignment Calibration must be redone each time you interchange the Notio between two bikes or move the Notio’s installation bracket (clip). If the same bike is used and the installation bracket (clip) remains in place, Misalignment Calibration does not need to be redone.

What is the CRR and how to find this information?

The CRR is the rolling resistance coefficient. It is caused by the elastic deformation of the tires and the rolling surface.The default value in the Notio Konect app is 0.004. This value corresponds to the rolling resistance of the most popular good quality tires on the market.To explore the subject or to check a specific tire model, here is an excellent website:

What is Time Window?

Time Window is the time duration in seconds used to calculate the average value of the CdA. This duration is displayed on a compatible Garmin device in the Aerofields field.The default value is 60 seconds, which is a reasonable time for a stable position. A parallel can be drawn with the power display. In order to prevent the value from changing too much it is common to display the average power over 3 seconds on the cyclometer instead of the instantaneous power.


How is data saved and where is it stored?

Data is saved on the Notio Konect until it gets transferred. Notio Konect-specific data is not saved on the Garmin device or the iOS device.Once an activity is completed, it can be transferred to your Notio Konect by email or AirDrop, or sent to the Notio Konect Cloud, using the iOS application Notio Konect. The Cloud is the preferred option to facilitate synchronization with Golden Cheetah Notio Konect.

How and where to transfer activities for analysis?

Once an activity is completed, it can be transferred to the Notio Konect by email or AirDrop, or sent to the Notio Konect Cloud, using the iOS application Notio Konect.Then all you have to do to import the activity is synchronize Golden Cheetah Notio Konect with the Notio Konect Cloud. Files can also be manually imported into Golden Cheetah Notio Konect.

What are the benefits of Golden Cheetah Notio Konect over Garmin Connect?

Golden Cheetah allows more customization and analysis than Garmin Connect.The Golden Cheetah Notio Konect version is mandatory in order to be able to analyze all that’s related to the CdA and other data recorded by the Notio Konect, as this data will not be available in the Golden Cheetah standard version, nor Garmin Connect.


Are there any references to help me understand where I stand in terms of aero?

Only as an indication since several factors can affect this data:

Professional Cyclist and Position CdA Power*
Tops 0.408 377
Hoods 0.324 314
Drops 0.307 300
TT - road helmet 0.243 248
TT - aero helmet 0.232 239


*total weight 75kg at 40 km/h on a flat course

How can data be seen in Golden Cheetah Notio Konect?

First, make sure to display at least the CdA in the Golden Cheetah Notio Konect interval options by going to:Mac: GoldenCheetahNotioKonect / Preference ... / Metrics / Intervals / NotioKonect metricsWindows: Tools / Options ... / Metrics / Intervals / NotioKonect metricsSecond, use the Notio CDA Analysis chart to check the settings and perform calibration as needed.Third, ask Golden Cheetah Notio Konect to do the math by going to Tools / Notio Konect / Compute.

What is the best way to analyze data?

By using the Notio CDA Analysis chart in Golden Cheetah Notio Konect.You have to remember that Notio Konect is a tool. Data analysis thus largely depends on data quality. To get quality data, you must correctly configure the Notio Konect, use a high quality power sensor and make good round trips for the calibration of the Coefficient 1 and for testing. To increase confidence in data, increase the number of round trips.


Can some external elements affect read offs?

As a rule, frequent changes of position, shocks (potholes) and abrupt acceleration or deceleration distort the CdA. Wind gusts, whether natural or caused by vehicles, also affect the CdA.

Is it normal that my Notio would lose the signal of some devices?

The Notio Konect is an electrical device that transmits and receives signals; therefore it can be sensitive to electromagnetic phenomena. Short signal losses may occasionally occur. However, repetitive signal losses of more than 5 seconds are atypical.

How accurate is Notio? Does it compare to a wind tunnel?

For the CdA, the precision of the Notio Konect is estimated at three decimal places 0,000. To achieve this degree of accuracy, users must obviously enter their correct weight and wheel circumference. But mostly important is to use a quality power sensor, the power being the most important factor in all calculations.Figures obtained in a wind tunnel will be more precise. However, the Notio Konect advantage is to be able to test in real conditions.Also, users can do as many tests and round trips as they want, according to the time they have, in order to increase confidence in the data obtained with Notio Konect.

Common Questions

What’s in the box?

Notio Konect, combo Garmin TT mount with GoPro interface, combo Garmin handlebar mount with GoPro interface, micro USB cable and a quick start guide.

What else do I need in order to enjoy the full potential of this technology?

iOS device (10.0+), ANT+ power meter, Garmin GPS computer compatible with Garmin IQ, ANT+ speed sensor, Mac OS X (10.10+) or Windows (10+, 64 bits version) computer.

Do I really need a power meter to use Notio Konect?

Notio Konect can record a lot of useful data without a power meter; however, in order to get your CdA you will need one.

Can I buy the other sensors from Notio Technologies?


Can I use Notio Konect in the rain? 

How do I control Notio Konect?

You can setup the device with an iOS app. To control the recording, you can either use your iPhone, your Garmin or the device itself.

What is the warranty on the product?

2 years.

Size and weight?

13,5 cm length x 9 cm height x 3 cm width for 71 g.

What exactly does Notio Konect measure?

Notio Konect is built with a Pitot tube, an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a barometer. Furthermore, it records temperature, humidity, air pressure, movements of the device and altitude. Other measurements are provided by ANT +sensors.

Who can help me understand all this data?

Golden Cheetah Notio Konect has preset tabs that display data. If you have questions, you can either go to the forum and share with the Notio Konect community or contact our technical support. 

How can you determine the CdA? 

With the help of a power meter that determines the rolling resistance, speed and altitude, Notio Konect collects data and our algorithm can thus calculate the CdA.

How precise is the CdA measurement?


What is the operating temperature range?

As a guideline, the same as Garmin: between -20º and 60ºC.

What is the battery life?

12 hours of recording.

Which communication protocol is used?

The Notio Konect uses ANT+ to connect to sensors. The Notio Konect talks to the iPhone with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Is my phone compatible with Notio Konect?

Notio Konect currently supports iOS 10 and higher. An Android version will eventually be issued.

Does it need a calibration?

Yes, upon installing it on the mount. You also need to do a calibration each time you change the position of the mount and switch the device to another bike.

Can I use Notio Konect during races?

Yes, you will get better results with TT and triathlon. Note: it has not been UCI approved yet.

Can I see my data on Strava or Training Peaks?

You can synchronize your Golden Cheetah Notio Konect with several training platforms such as Strava or Training Peaks. However, only your regular data will be displayed, not the Notio Konect specific data.

How can Notio Konect improve my ride performance?

The biggest current advantage is to get live CdA without having to go to the wind tunnel or a velodrome; thus, you get a CdA in real life conditions. But this is only the beginning. With six families of sensors you can collect maximum data to perform maximal analysis. Think of it as a black box for bicycles. 

Can the data be transmitted live while I am riding?

No. You get a display on your Garmin and in the app only if your iPhone his within the BLE range.

Can I set a training program in a Notio Konect device?

No, but you can still display a training program on your Garmin computer. You can also use the training functionality in Golden Cheetah to create training for smart trainers.

How hard is it to install the Notio Konect?

Since Notio Konect uses a standard TT bike mount with a regular camera mount (GoPro), it's not any more complicated to install it on your bike than a Garmin or a sports camera.

Can the position of the device influence my results?

The position of the device has been studied to provide the best results. You can change its position but remember that air movements sometimes get surprising. So yes, this could influence the results.

How long does Notio Konect take to measure my CdA?

The CdA could be calculated to the second, but it is better to choose a bigger average time window. We suggest around 60 seconds. Consider your power meter data with all its spikes and variability. A user will usually display the 3 sec or 10 sec average power, which smooths data. The same goes with the CdA. As more variables are used to calculate the CdA, a bigger average time window will generate a more representative figure.

Do I really need to use Golden Cheetah Notio Konect? Could I use my own version of Golden Cheetah or do I need to use the Notio Konect version?

You must use Golden Cheetah Notio Konect to have access to data saved to the Notio Konect. Notio Konect uses data fields that are not present in other devices while Golden Cheetah Notio Konect has tabs and tools that are not available in the regular Golden Cheetah version.

How does wind direction affect the CdA?

The CdA calculation is based on your speed and the frontal air speed. If you don't change your position on the bike, then your CdA should not change. Let's look at a basic example.Think of a car rolling on a straight flat highway in a stable weather except for the wind direction that may change. The car always goes at 100 km/h. This car has a given CdA of 0.002.First case, there is no wind. The car has a fuel consumption of 5 L/100 km and its CdA remains 0.002 since the shape doesn't change.Second case, there is a strong head wind. The fuel consumption increases to 8 L/100 km. The CdA? It remains 0.002.Third case, there is a tail wind. The fuel consumption drops to 3 L/100 km. You would guess the CdA is still 0.002.What do we learn from this? We learn that in similar conditions the wind’s direction will only affect the work needed to maintain a given speed. Thus the CdA is independent from wind direction.

Is Notio Konect useful only to triathletes and TT? Can I use it on a road bike?

Notio Konect’s biggest current advantage is the capacity to generate a live CdA. Triathlon and TT probably benefit more from this, although road bike users can also enjoy getting a CdA. You can imagine the potential of collecting data of 6 families.

Does it work with any power meter on the market?

Yes, as long as it is ANT+. Be aware that some power meters have stronger signal than others. Furthermore, a power meter that is more precise will generate a more precise CdA. We do not recommend using a single-sided power meter.

Which sensors can I use with Notio Konect?

Currently: electronic shifters, cadence, speed cadence, speed, heart rate monitor, power meter. All these sensors must be ANT+.

What is the display regarding Notio Konect on my Garmin?

Using Garmin IQ, the information is displayed as a data field on one of the data screens in your activity profile. The display shows the CdA, wind speed and the Ant+ sensors status.

I'm using a GPS brand other than Garmin, how can I control my Notio Konect? 

Right now, we develop with Garmin because it's the most common unit. You can still use your phone with the app to start and stop the recording. Also, you can use the button directly on the Notio Konect device.

Does Notio Konect affect my bike’s aerodynamic? 

The shape of the Notio Konect device has been studied with CFD. It's been proven that it has no impact on the aerodynamic of the bike in a wind tunnel.

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