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Notio Technologies, an Argon 18 subsidiary company, invites performance-seeking cyclists to join its North American tour to discover and purchase Notio Konect; the first portable device that instantly and effectively measures CdA in real-life conditions.

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Category: #Media Published on : 2018-06-26 |

By Marc Graveline, a.k.a “Data Cruncher”, Co-founder, Notio Technologies

CdA is an abbreviation for the coefficient of aerodynamic drag. It’s a dimensionless number (no units), which is the result of a body’s drag size, shape and surface texture. The above cyclist going 36 km/h with 200 watts on a flat course has a CdA of .28. By improving that CdA by 10 % and dropping it to .252 on that same 200 watts, the cyclist will go 37.5 km/h. With a world class CdA of .205, he will go 40 km/h on that same 200 watts.

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Category: #Geek Published on : 2018-06-16 |
Notio Konect


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